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Affordable Digital Hearing Aids in Terre Haute

offers Discount Pricing on ALL ReSound Hearing Aids

  • We offer a complete family of ReSound hearing aids with unparalleled power and processing efficiency for a superior sound experience
  • Optimize your hearing experience anywhere with access to easy-to-use smartphone apps
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable option provides up to 30 hours of uninterrupted power and eliminates the need for battery changes
  • Discount ReSound hearing aid pricing for residents of Terre Haute and the surrounding area.
ReSound Hearing Aids in Terre Haute Indiana
ReSound Hearing aids in Terre Haute

Clear Clean Sound Delivered Like Never Before

ReSound Hearing Aid in Terre Haute

Hometown Terre Haute ReSound
Hearing Aids Experts

  • Experience top-rated speech understanding for comfortable conversations

  • Your ReSound hearing instruments help you focus on what you want to hear, without losing access to the sounds and voices around you.

  • Enjoy automatic adjustments as your hearing instruments work to optimize sound in any environment as you move about your day.

Free Smart Phone Apps

Control your hearing aids via your smart phone!

Check if your smartphone is compatible with your hearing aids. 

ReSound/Smartphone Compatibility List

Personalized Control

Free access to the Smart 3D app allows you to adjust volume, change programs, geotag your favorite locations, find lost hearing instruments and more

Wireless Freedom

Optional wireless accessories provide true wireless connectivity.

  • Convenient and flexible
  • Strong, clear, stable signal
  • Easy to set up and use

Using your iOS device with your hearing aids

Direct audio streaming

You can connect ReSound wireless hearing aids directly to your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch. This enables you to stream phone calls, music, navigation or any other audio from your device directly to your hearing aids. 

When your hearing aids are paired with any of the compatible iOS devices, direct audio streaming and basic hearing aid adjustments are natively integrated and available directly from the device settings.

Affordable Digital Hearing Aids - Terre Haute, Meadows Shopping Center

Using your Android device with your hearing aids

If your Android smartphone and your hearing aids both support direct Android Streaming to Hearing Aids, you can download and install the Smart 3D app, open it and tap “Get started”. Once the hearing aids are paired with your smartphone, you can stream audio directly.

Direct stereo streaming from Android devices is available for the following hearing aids:

  • ReSound Omnia
  • ReSound ONE

Direct streaming to Android devices is one of the latest advancements in hearing aid connectivity and therefore, it is available in select smartphone models with the required technology. Please check with your service carrier before purchasing a new smartphone to ensure that they have also enabled the service.

ReSound Smart 3D app
ReSound Smart 3D App gives you complete control.
ReSound accessories enhances your understanding in difficult sound environments.

Digital hearing devices for a digital world

There are many types of hearing aids and hearing aid technologies, and, today, there are digital hearing aids to complete your digitally convenient lifestyle. They are smart and interact with other digital devices. Digital hearing aids have life-changing health benefits too, because good hearing health is linked to quality of life. They take the power of sound and your personal hearing experience to new levels, so you can feel empowered to take charge of your hearing loss.

Affordable Digital Hearing Aid in Terre Haute Benefits

ReSound Hearing Aids make speech clearer

Simply turning up the volume to hear more isn’t the most effective way to enhance hearing today. This can be overpowering in certain locations or settings. Thanks to digital hearing aids you can customize your hearing experience to suit your specific hearing loss, which enhances your comfort and feeling of confidence.

Also, because ReSound digital hearing devices can pair up with other digital devices in various ways – such as smartphones and tablets – you can fully connect with the world around you, stream calls and entertainment, and discreetly control the hearing aid’s sound settings without touching your ears. You’ll be able to forget about your hearing loss.

Style-wise, digital hearing aids are smart and usually small; the perfect package. They are discreet and blend in when you wear them, so you can also call them (almost) invisible hearing aids.

For more information on ReSound Hearing Aids in Terre Haute, Indiana, please visit the Affordable Digital Hearing Aids Center located in the Meadows Shopping Center at 2800 Poplar Street, Suite 37  (intersection of Poplar and South 25th Streets), Terre Haute, Indiana, 47803. Call (812)234-9332, Monday. Tuesday. Thursday & Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or 1-800-416-2434 Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.